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Fragrance Finder.

Roja Parfum is a luxury perfume brand that wants to help its female customers find their perfect fragrance. Each fragrance within the 'Eau de Parfum' collection has a distinct persona to appeal to different types of individuals. Blooq created a fragrance finder experience which helps match its scents to its customers' specific moods or personalities. The experience is available online and in-store and was showcased on a large format touchscreen at their launch event in Cannes.

Offering -

Fragrance Finder

Services -

Content creation.

Web app development.

Interactive display.


Technology -



Tailwind CSS.

Interactive touchscreen

Taking the mobile experience and elevating it for large-format touch screens allows customers and stockists to engage with the brand and explore the 'Eau de Parfum' collection in new ways. When idle, the screen doubles as an advertisement for the hero fragrances and maximises exposure in areas with heavy footfall.

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