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Marks and Spencer honour the Lunar New Year across their stores in Hongkong, Malaysia and Singapore every year. In 2022 it was the year of the Tiger. The goal was to appeal to a younger audience and increase dwell time at every store. Harlequin created a series of beautiful displays, and Blooq developed a bespoke AR experience triggered by QR code at each location. The tiger was characterised and brought to life through 3D animation. Users could interact with the tiger in a real-world environment and share their interactions across social media.

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Augmented Reality

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Augmented reality.

3D modelling.

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Interactive AR

The Tiger was modelled and animated purposely for AR, ensuring a fun, lag-free experience. Users could trigger custom animations, making the Tiger walk around the environment and roar with the touch of a button.

3D modelling process

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