Personalisation tool.

Across the industry, there is a growing demand for personalised merchandise. Barbour recognised this and wanted to create a unique in-store experience. The goal was to allow customers the opportunity to create custom apparel and send their items to print while they shop. Blooq created a web application that enables advanced personalisation in a 3D environment. Users can select a product, choose their colour and add text and graphics to key locations across the garment.

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Personalisation tool

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Web app development.

3D modelling.

Technology -


Tailwind CSS.


Barbour Personalisation Stand

3D visualisation

The app is presented on a fixed-positioned iPad in front of a Harlequin-designed print unit. Users can quickly select and customise their products using the in-built gestural display. The 3D items can be spun a full 360° during the design process. Each selection is mimicked on the virtual model to create the most realistic experience possible.

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